Dr Leonardo takes CARNiVAL project’s research to Rio’s universities


Dr Leonardo talking to the students at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Physical Education Students of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ) received this week the visit of CARNiVAL project researchers. The theme of the meeting with Dr Ian Brittain, Coventry University, Dr Leonardo Mataruna and Andressa Guimarães, both from Coventry University and UFRJ, was the Olympic and Paralympic Games and the outlook on the legacy of these mega events.

During the visit, the students participated in a Quizz on the elements of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. According to Dr Mataruna, activities with students help to understand what the thinking of young students of Physical Education on the Games and the legacy that the country can achieve from these investments.

In addition to listening to students, the researchers also talked about the opportunities that may be part of the career of the students through the Olympic events and legacies that will be in the city.

The visit to the public universities of Rio is part of the agenda of activities of CARNiVAL project researchers’ have been working in Brazil. The agenda also includes other interviews that will help build a report on the legacy and impact of the Paralympic Games.

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