CARNiVAL Project’s research fellows present papers at Kings College London


The ABEP 2016 Conference took place in the King’s College London, and put together different studies developed by the Brazilians researches in the CARNiVAL project.

The ABEP 2016 Conference was attended by more than 350 people at Kings College London in May 14th.  For the second year running, researchers of the CARNiVAL Project led the session of mega-events. Dr Leonardo Mataruna presented three papers with different partners connecting mega-events, Tourism, Games and the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, as detailed below:

  • Sports Mega-events and Tourism Destination Image of Brazil: Foreigners’ Intentions to Attend the 2016 Olympic Games – By Dr Leonardo Mataruna & Thiago Melo
  • Sports Mega-events and Advergames: an analysis of Mario and Sonic and Rio 2016 Olympic Game – By Andressa Guimaraes-Mataruna, Vanissa Wanick & Leonardo Mataruna
  • eSports and Olympic Games: a situational analysis of Rio 2016 case study – By Vanessa Wanick,  Dr Leonardo Mataruna

According Dr Mataruna, “the experience of presenting papers at this conference and the multidisciplinary discussion in each session is what enriches the scientific background for future investigations and articles”.

The group of researches received an official invitation to return to the next conference in May 2017, to present the second part of the studies presented. As research lead on this project, Dr Mataruna will collect data in Brazil during the Olympics and in Germany in spring 2017, based on consumers’ perceptions of the Rio 2016 Games.

See more pictures of the conference:

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