Brazilian Army honours Dr Mataruna in Rio de Janeiro


Diploma in honour of the services provided by the researchs guided by professor Mataruna

The research projects on Olympic and Paralympic sports management guided by the research associate at Coventry University, Dr Leonardo Mataruna, were honoured by the diploma of Senior Emeritus of the Brazilian Army, in a ceremony held on April 19th at the Palacio Duque de Caxias, in Rio de Janeiro.

The ceremony commemorating the Army Day paid tribute to civil and military personalities for the recognition of their service to the Brazilian Army. According to the Military Command, it is a great honour being able to have Dr Mataruna as one of the great professionals of the Physical Education in the world, always cooperating with ideas and projects to the Brazilian Army.


The ceremony happened in the Palacio Duque de Caxias, in Rio de Janeiro

For Dr Mataruna, receiving such commendation is very important as recognition of several studies carried out successfully in partnership with the Army, but above all, “the possibility to continue developing projects with the Brazilian Army is a great honour for any scientist”. “Working with the Brazilian Army is the certainty that you have to plan and execute the start of the search to end and guarantee that the theory will be implemented responsibly,” says Dr Mataruna.

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