Professor talks about the Olympic legacy in Rio de Janeiro


Legacy of the 2016 in interview

Professor Mataruna was interviewed by the website of the Potifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), one of the biggest private universities in Brazil. The theme of the talk was the possible legacy the Olympic and Paralympic Games might leave in the city and how people can enjoy it.

Dr Leonardo talked about his research in London, through Coventry University, which investigated the legacies of the 2012 Olympic Games and how they could be transferred to Rio: “In London, they turned the water park in a public swimming pool where people contribute a negligible amount in order to attend and make swimming lessons. Such examples can be followed in Brazil”, said him.

Read the full interview (available only in Portuguese) here >>

For more news about Olympic Legacy and professor Mataruna’s research, please, click here.


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