New book: Reflections on the future of mega-events

Coming soon

Coming soon

In few months will be published the book “The Future of Sport Mega-Events” produced with the collaboration of researchers from different areas, interested in the theme of sports mega-events. Professor Leonardo Mataruna participates in the publication through three chapters. One of these chapters has the participation of other researchers from Coventry University (Thiago Melo, Andressa Guimarães and Renan Petersen-Wagner).

The first chapter deals with the legacy that the London Olympics left for Rio de Janeiro. This work is the result of research that Professor Leonardo perform at Coventry University, through LONRIO project.

The second chapter, which has the participation of other researchers, has to do with communication strategies that the International Olympic Committee could take on social media from the changes proposed by Agenda 2020.

The third chapter, also produced by professor Mataruna,  talks about Military Sports in Brazil and how it might be developed in the coming years.

The book, which has funding from FAPERJ, should be launched in the first half of 2015



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