LONRIO in a film about the EU


LONRIO | Dr. Ian Brittain and Dr. Leonardo Mataruna part documentary on projects financed by the EU / Photo: Thiago Melo.


On this Friday, 30, the coordinators of the project LONRIO (Coventry University, UK), Dr. Ian Brittain and Dr. Leonardo Mataruna, participated in an interview for a documentary produced by British organization Shared Enterprise. The topic of conversation was the research that has being developed in the five Olympic boroughs in London, and the results are expected from this study. Also participating in the interview the research assistants Thiago Melo and Débora Guerra, from the CARNiVAL project and working with the LONRIO project.

The documentary will highlight the loans made by the European Union (EU) and the impact of these projects on the lives of Londoners and other residents of London. The LONRIO project will be one of the two examples given by the film.


Photo: Thiago Melo


“The LONRIO is focused on analyzing the legacies from the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London in the five districts receiving competitions in 2012. In addition, we also intend to verify how these legacies can be transferred to the slums of Rio de Janeiro, city which will host the Games in 2016, “said Dr. Ian Brittain during the interview.

Professor Dr Leonardo Mataruna highlighted some preliminary results obtained from the data collection was made last year in the five Olympic boroughs of London (Newham, Waltham Forest, Hackney, Greenwich, Tower Hamlets). He said it was very interesting to see the different views on the legacy left by the Games. “In some neighborhoods people said that the Games have left no legacy, but when asked about the Paralympic Games logo said these competitions left a positive impression on the community because people now have another perception of the disabled.”

The research assistants, Thiago Melo and Débora Guerra, talked a little about of their experiences during the data collection for the LONRIO the Olympic neighborhoods, and reaffirmed the importance of a research project like this on the Olympic legacy. “It’s very important to see how the public investment is benefiting the population, especially in the case of a mega-event like the Olympic Games,” said Deborah.

The release of the documentary on the EU funding policy is scheduled for June in London, during a public debate. After the event, the film will be available on the internet.

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