2016: FIEP honors professor Mataruna in Brazil


Professor Mataruna honored by the FIEP in Brazil.

Professor Leonardo Mataruna started the new year with an award which honor his career dedicated to Physical Education and Sport. The award happened during the 31st International Physical Education Congress that took place in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, on 9th January 2016. The event and the award were organised by the Federation Internationale D’Education Physique (FIEP).

The honor was made through the medal Manoel Tubino, which is awarded to the professionals who have their work and scientific production in the Physical Education highlighted. Professor Leonardo thanked the FIEP for the honor:   

“I am very happy to have received a major commendations of Physical Education, the medal Manoel Tubino, of the Federation Internationale d’Education Physique. First of all, I thank for the affection I have to the person of Professor and friend Tubino. Second of all, I thank you for receiving this recognition during this event, which celebrates the 90th anniversary of FIEP in the country where graduated and I devoted much of my work. Third, because of the recognition of my labor origins even when I was teaching in the Olympic Village of Maré, in Rio de Janeiro!”

Professor Leonardo Mataruna was born in Rio de Janeiro’s suburb, Brazil. Since he finished his undergraduate in Physical Education and postgraduate courses, he has travelled around the world through 89 countries following the sport and culture research opportunities. In the last few years, he has been focusing his academic research to the Olympic legacies by developing the Marie Curie Research project LONRIO, at Coventry University (UK).

Besides the honor, professor Mataruna and his academic team also presented a paper along the FIEP conference.

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